Ads you’ll never see again

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These vintage ads may have been appropriate in their time, but you would never see them published today, at least not without public uproar. 

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For more outrageously outdated advertisments, click NEXT.

For more outrageously outdated advertisments, click NEXT.

For more outrageously outdated advertisments, click NEXT.

For more outrageously outdated advertisments, click NEXT.

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Total Comments: 10
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    Those were the days. These ads reflect a more innocent (as in not knowing what we now know) time. I wonder if anyone believes that any of them should be updated and put which before the public again?

  2. 0

    There is nothing here to see –

  3. 0

    The links do not appear to work

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    Never saw them before anyhow, BECAUSE I M NOT AMERICAN! Are we morons who don’t know how to do anything but slavishly follow stories that do not relate to Australian life, and say: “Yes, that was in my time.” Maybe we don’t have Alzheimers, we just lack American racial memory. Come on, you can do better than this.

  5. 0

    All working fine now. Lindilou: the adverts show how much things have changed. When viewed in that context, some are funny and some are frightening -especially the guns and cocaine drops.lighten-up; if nothing else they are educational!

  6. 0

    Never say never, some are returning to good old butter and lard, to replace the synthetic replacements supposedly so good for us! time will tell the truth behind so many of the chemical concoctions, we are just beginning discover what foods are the best for us, we hve a long way to go. Most health problems are from over eating the wrong foods.

  7. 0

    Some real doozies there but people thought they were quite acceptable in their day. Perhaps in 50 years time people might be amazed that some of the ads we watch now were acceptable.
    The one on guns is still not too far from being acceptable in the U.S. What a strange set of principles in that country.

  8. 0

    I wish they had dates on them. These are true historical texts. Not sure about the Cola one – that looks like a satire.



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