Giant animals you have to see to believe

You just have to see this collection of colossal creatures to believe they exist!

Giant colossal squid on beach

Australia is home to some pretty large animals, but this collection of colossal creatures put our biggest beasties to shame. Some are so large you have to see them to believe they exist!

African Giant Snails can often grow eight inches long and live for about five to six years. They eat any vegetation and lay about 1200 eggs per year. Anyone for escargot?

Is it a dog? Is it a wolf? Whatever it is, I don’t fancy footing this furry fellow’s food bill!

At six feet, six inches tall and weighing over a tonne, Chilli the cow could probably feed milk to an entire village.

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    31st Oct 2016
    Why in the majority of the descriptions do you use metric weight and imperial length.
    31st Oct 2016
    I have seen most of those pictures before - and most are photoshopped!
    31st Oct 2016
    The giant squid is not photo shopped, nor is the dog. The dog looks like a Leonberger, a giant breed of dog. African giant snails are also a reality.
    My goodness have you lived in a closet all your life, not opened a book or even watched a documentary on T.V., sound as though this is you.
    Nan Norma
    31st Oct 2016
    The giant squid IS photo shopped. Check out Hoax.
    31st Oct 2016
    Oops, you haven't exactly lived up to your name 'Tactful'!!!!
    31st Oct 2016
    31st Oct 2016
    The giant squid photo is indeed a hoax. It's from a satirical article written in 2014. You can check it out in Snooes. As for the dog, it certainly looks photoshopped to me, but can't be sure.
    31st Oct 2016

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