Are you right or left-brained?

Are you right or left-brained? Watch this video to find out.

Are you right or left-brained?
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The dominant side of your brain determines your abilities, such as whether you will be artistic or good at maths. Are you right or left-brained? Watch this informative video from Buzzfeed to find out.



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    3rd Feb 2014
    I am both, I'm creative with cooking, sewing, woodwork and painting yet Maths has always been my favourite and best subject especially Algebra. My Mum was an incredible artist yet Maths was also her favourite subject and she achieved top marks. Written expression is another subject that I do well at as did my Mum.
    3rd Feb 2014
    Q:- 3 - which leg is on top theirs is wrong.
    I got both -
    Therefore is this why I need to think things through & several times over & I research years in advance & I look to read between the lines & I am very suspicious & i am highly skeptical & yet a great believer -
    Is this why I think too much & need to know everything from every angle.
    Is this why I firmly believe that if there is a will there is always a way - impossible is not how the world turns there is always another answer . possibility -
    WOW !
    3rd Feb 2014
    write - stories & poetry
    problem solving
    psychology / psychiatry - don't waste your money WE together will sus you out for free
    I am tools savvy
    I know what is under a cars bonnet & how it works & can do basic repairs
    Maths is a puzzle & I love puzzles
    Physics is just logical thinking
    I am fantastic with children
    I understand technology
    I had acupuncture - she was not good & we were getting nowhere fast & it cost money - so I purchased needles / checked out the pressure points & did it to myself with a little help from the kids.
    the list goes on.
    But you know what - most of us can do just as much - it is called being alive - dead you can do nothing - but also do you want to - ah! - that is the thing - can we be bothered .
    3rd Feb 2014
    I am a person who likes to get somewhere, sooner rather than later mate !

    The night is very dark
    And we've to go a mile or so
    Across the Possum Park

    Keep to the right
    If we delay and loose our way
    We'll be out half the night

    by Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
    3rd Feb 2014
    Who does not remember the above poem from our public school reader ?
    Grade 5 I think it was.

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