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Have you ever stopped and thought how people from other countries feel about our food?

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Have you ever stopped and thought about how people from other countries might feel about our food? While our snacks may seem straightforward to us, turns out that they’re completely foreign to our American friends.

Watch Americans trying five of our favourite Australian snacks for the first time, including Vegemite. Granted it’s an acquired taste, but it does appear that our tastebuds are wired differently. More for us we say!


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    3rd Nov 2014
    I Think thats un fair... and being a good 7th gen ozzie, how many of us eat vegemite on a spoon from the jar???? How about a bit of toast to go with it, and shapes on their own!!!! Not in our house, we have cheese and pepperoni as well. (mind you I don't mind going WITHOUT the biscuit!) And you would have to say most of our flavoured milk these days is coffee... something. And yes we go through about 6 pks of chips a fortnight, while watching sport on TV.
    3rd Nov 2014
    Arby, I just love Vegemite to death. I gave up the spoon ages ago and just use the fingers now :) I'm glad we don't have (too) many American foods here as I find them too sweet! Too much corn syrup.
    3rd Nov 2014
    The Yanks don't like them because they are not deep fried in Animal fat and or oil.

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