The funniest and best Christmas ads of 2016

These Christmas ads are so good you’ll forget you’re watching an ad at all!

American carol singers in Australia

Ads are powerful feats of human creativity: they make us laugh, tear up and/or buy things we don’t actually need. Today, we share 2016’s best Christmas ads – they’re so good you’ll forget that you’re watching an ad at all!

In this year’s Marks & Spencer ad, Mrs Claus sends Santa out to work on Christmas Eve, making sure to remind him not to “forget about Australia”. Then she gets to work herself to save the day.

Aldi is here for you with this hilarious ad. Some Americans – big, loud and full of song – crash an Aussie family’s Christmas… until they learn what an Australian Christmas is all about!

In Myer’s brand new Christmas ad, Elf, Reindeer, Mouse and Angel must save the day and return Santa’s star to sky so he can find his way to Australia (guided by the Southern Cross).  


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    5th Dec 2016
    Aldi's freaky family is frightening. They should be left in the northern hemisphere for Xmas 2017. And other than the coffee pod adverts, all of Aldi's ads are quite stupid.
    5th Dec 2016
    But they got your attention, didn't they! That's the whole point.
    5th Dec 2016
    I absolutely agree Ranga - this ad. puts me off totally and deters me from ever shopping at Aldi. Does not put the right slant on Christmas at all.
    Bookworm - if getting my attention means turning it off, then yes it did!!
    5th Dec 2016
    I thought this site is mainly visited by elderly, mature people. How childish and grumpy are those who criticize these TV advertisements. Get off that couch and do something useful!
    5th Dec 2016
    I'm still waiting for the 'hilarious' bit so I can laugh.
    5th Dec 2016
    I'm hoping you won't mind me adding this UK Heathrow advert (if it works!)
    Funny face
    6th Dec 2016
    I thought the first ad with Mrs Claus was just beautiful. It bought a tear to my eye. Isn't that what they're supposed to do - in a nice way.

    Can't see where anyone thought the Aldi ad was funny ( maybe Americans?) but I thought it was "corny". Maybe everyone is just different. Fair enough. All entitled to a different sense of humour I guess but on here, obviously, we all Thi k the same

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