Best of catch-up TV 17 October

Improve your brain, have a laugh, get some new recipes or enjoy the movie of the week

Improve your brain, have a laugh, get some new recipes or enjoy the movie of the week with the best of catch-up television.

Redesign my brain with Todd Sampson – ABC iView
Episode 1: Make me smarter. A pioneer in the neuroplasticity revolution, Michael Merzenich, mentors Todd, showing him how to radically improve his cognition by turbo charging his thinking speed, attention and memory.

Mythbusters – SBS on Demand  
In this episode of Mythbusters, Jamie and Adam test whether different types of footwear can impair your driving and whether superglue can be used to stick furniture to the ceiling.

30 Rock – 7Plus
Liz Lemon is the female head writer of a night-time live comedy program. She struggles with keeping Tracy Jordan, the show's unpredictable star, and Jack Donaghy, the nosy network executive, in check, while attempting to salvage her own personal life.

Traffic – 9MSN Catch-up
Enjoy the movie of the week with Traffic (2000). Get a feel for the high stakes and high risks of the drug trade, as seen through the eyes of a crusading judge, his junkie daughter, a jailed drug baron and his desperate wife who are all caught in a web of death and corruption.

Huey’s Kitchen – Ten Play
Travelling around some of the most picturesque regions of both Australia and overseas, Huey presents simple yet special recipes that are easy to recreate.


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    17th Oct 2013
    "Huey" is someone I strongly dislike as many of my friends do! Please, please do NOT recommend to see him. He is not a TV personality only known locally by people that has suffered his appearances for years, it is time for the truth. simply said not a chef, not even a good cook and he should be at home doing a little exercise on something not too demanding.
    His standards of cleanliness in the kitchen are appalling, so is his cooking.
    18th Oct 2013
    How come he had such a successful restaurant in Melbourne? I recon he is great and popular with the public. If he was that bad he would not have lasted so long on the t.v. But, we are all entitled to our opinions. I was watching once on Ready,Steady,Cook and one of the Chefs who ran a very swank restaurant in Sydney, actually wiped his face in the tea towel and then proceeded to wipe a knife. Not the best.
    18th Oct 2013
    I fully agree with the advantages of watching Australian Freeview catch-up TV. I also make extensive use of overseas TV station's services using a VPN service and the Internet.

    Normally, TV stations can only allow 'viewers' from the same country to watch their catch-up TV on the Internet. They do this by restricting access to servers from the same country 'domain'. For example if your ISP ends in .au it's in Australia.

    A VPN connection allows you to connect through the VPN service (I use ExpressVPN at $10 a month but there are others) to connect to a server in another country. When I have connected to the overseas server and then use my Internet service the TV station I want to look at thinks that I am in the same country as them and allows me access. My VPN service gives me a menu of countries to go to.

    So, in this way I watch BBC iPlayer ( to watch the BBC's extensive catch-up library, Hulu ( to watch USA free to air catch-up TV including PBS, and the catch-up services of the national broadcasters in Italy, France and Spain to watch the major European cycling tours in full.

    The downside is that you have to purchase and install a VPN connection (just a small download), it does 'drop out' at busy times - however the BBC offers a lower resolution feed - and you do use up bandwidth. I have a 50GB a month service and never use more than about 30GB even though I watch more than hour of overseas TV a night.

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