Bob Dylan

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The times may have been a-changing, but it was Like a rolling stone which was recorded on this day in 1965 by the talented Bob Dylan. His voice is truly unique and his songs are thought provoking, so take a trip down musical memory lane.

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    Bob Dylan had the worst voice I have ever heard. You couldn’t call that singing, he spoke most of his songs. Too much smokes, drugs and liquor. If he appeared on Australia’s Got
    Talent today he would get the horn blasted to get him off quick smart. Oh, what a boring man. Take a trip down memory lane? He is best forgotten.

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    Hola no soul man – he is a legend – not for nothing

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      Yes, a legend in his own mind. Sings like a constipated buffalo. And that’s praising him up.

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      Robster, did you actually listen to that tape. I Still can’t figure out what he was trying to say. He should be called, Bob “Mumbles” Dillon. I’ve never laughed so much for a long time. Oh well, time for my little red pills.

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    Maybe ya havta be on the wacky baccy or juiced up to enjoy his music ? Anyway he made millions happy, & made millions of bucks to boot…I still prefer Rock n Roll when you could understand what they were saying & what they were singing about..just my opinion !!

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    Didn’t like him back then and I don’t like him now. Can’t understand what he is singing. I agree with you Hola.

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    To each his own…But I must agree…He’s bloody hard to understand ?

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    I couln’t agree with you more HOLA. maybe it’s the generation gap!

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      I’m sure we were all part of that era,Toby,but it was the time of “free love” smoking yourself stupid and taking LSD, and dancing around naked at those “festivals” Thank God I was not part of it..



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