Bunny stampede

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It seems we finally have an answer to the question, ‘Where do Easter Bunnies come from?’ with this funny video of a girl being stampeded by rabbits on an island in Japan.

For those who are interested, the island in this video is called ‘Okunoshima’. It is a small island located in the Inland Sea of Japan, in the Hiroshima Prefecture. You can access the island by ferry. There are campsites, walking trails and historical sites to visit and, as you can see in the video, an overabundance of rabbits. Eight rabbits were originally brought to the island during World War II for scientific testing, but they escaped and the bunny population has skyrocketed. The numerous feral rabbits which now roam the island are very tame, and are happy to approach humans (especially if they have snacks).

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    Mena was a young girl in her teen who lived in Carlton.
    She owned a German Shepard dog & a duck, who would follow her everywhere, I mean everywhere.

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    Happy Easter Every One !
    If Not –
    Then A Happy Holiday !

  3. 0

    The pied piper of bunnies!



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