Paper Giants: Magazine Wars

Following on from the success of Paper Giants: The birth of Cleo, Dulcie Boling and Nene King go head to head in the next chapter – Magazine Wars.

While The birth of Cleo dealt with the rise of Ita Buttrose, editor of Cleo, and Magazine Wars looks at the rivalry between King (Woman’s Day) and Boling (New Idea), it’s really a look at the need Murdoch had to beat Kerry Packer and vice versa.

Spurred on by Boling’s refusal to promote her at New Idea, Nene King seeks revenge by heading to rival publisher as editor with Woman’s Day. Right from the outset the message is clear, she needs to beat Boling’s circulation figures to keep her job.

The era centres round the growth in tabloid journalism, and in particular, the UK royal family’s scandals surrounding Charles and Diana and Andrew and Fergie. Not to be outdone, both Boling and King raise the stakes, willing to pay almost any amount for the scoop which will send the other spiralling.

Ethics, morality and the right to privacy all go out the window in the catfight which ensues. Not knowing the personalities involved, Rachel Griffiths is uptight and prim as Darcy Boling and Mandy McElhinney a little wired and coarse as Nene King and both put in excellent performances.

What makes this drama such compelling viewing is that the bitter rivalry between Boling and King still has some bite, with King recently announcing she, “will never speak to (her) again” after Boling “told a journalist I’m brain damaged.”

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Q. Who was the publisher of New Idea?

Written by Debbie McTaggart