Real people win prizes!

Dear YOURLifeChoices Team,

The postman brought my prize today and I have to tell you how delighted I am.

Not only is the best site on the Internet, but you can also win prizes.

The pack of 52 places in Victoria is most welcome. A beautifully presented pack of pictures and information that I will use on my next visit to Victoria.

Thank you YOURLifeChoices Team.

Sincere best wishes
Paul E

To The YOURLifeChoices Team,
We have just received our new mobile phone as a prize in your competition.
thank you so much.
This replaces our very old mobile phone. We will enjoy the challenge of learning to use the new one.
We look forward to the newsletter and find lots to interest us.
Congratulations on a very informative newsletter.

Thanks again,
Mick and Faye W