WASP Bag giveaway

It seems that when we travel we take more electronic equipment than we leave at home, camera, mobile phone, laptop – all things we don’t want to get wet or covered in sand. Wasp Bags are a clever new travel product which keep sand and water out and your belongings safe, dry and sand-free. YOURLifeChoices is offering you the chance to win one of four WASP Bag combos.

WASP Bags come in two sizes – Baby for when you’re travelling light and King for those who don’t like to leave anything behind. The bags come in four eye catching colours, red, yellow, blue and black and won’t break the bank. You can buy the bags individually – $25 for Baby and $35 for king, or save and buy as a combo for just $50.

To win one of four combos, simply answer the following question:

What makes WASP Bags completely watertight? (hint: you can find the answer here)

Send your answer to [email protected]