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Google released its list of the top Australian search results of 2011 earlier this week. But it made a mistake with one of them items.

Read Drew’s article on the Top Australian Google Searches of 2011 to find the error, and then email your answer to [email protected] with your full name, address and contact number for your chance to win a 5-DVD pack listed below!

Entries close Friday 16 December 2011 

Donna Hay: fast, fresh, simple
Showcasing the natural charm and passion Donna brings to the world of cooking. A relaxed and composed cook, Donna loves to share her tricks and tips of combining fresh and pantry ingredients to create fast and simple dishes, presented in her signature style.

Neil Perry – Rockpool Sessions
Each episode of Neil Perry Rockpool Sessions is a visual banquet that explores the ideas, the inspiration and the influences that have shaped Neil Perrys career and the evolution of Rockpool. Neil takes us on a culinary journey from imagination to degustation. This insightful and mouth-watering program explores the distinctive elements that set Rockpool apart: the dishes that tempt and tantalise; the service; the location and the sense of occasion. Each episode begins and ends at Rockpools beautiful harbour-side location in Sydneys historic Rocks area. Neil shares his techniques, philosophies and views and gives us a glimpse of how he and the Rockpool team create the ultimate dining experience.

Taste le tour
French chef, Gabriel Gaté joins us again to present more delicious serves of Taste Le Tour 2011, a gastronomic journey that follows the route of the famous Tour de France bicycle race from Saturday 2 July to Sunday 24 July. As in previous years, Gabriel has called upon his friend, Philippe Mouchel, the wonderfully talented French chef, to prepare some of the great classic dishes of French cuisine.

Chefs Christmas Series 1
Assembled are ten of Australia’s hottest chefs, restaurateurs and entertainers, each episode of this five-part 30 minute series features two chefs as they invite us into their homes and share their Christmas entertaining secrets.

From a traditional roast to an Aussie barbeque; casual salads and seafood to a no cooking on Christmas Day menu; an Italian extravaganza to the ultimate cheese platter; plus plenty of cocktail suggestions to keep the Christmas spirits flowing! These are recipes you’ll be using all summer long.

Featured in this series are Guillaume Brahimi, Gio Buscemi, Anna Gare, John Lanzafame, Ben O’Donoghue, Mark Olive, Neil Perry, Tobie Puttock, Darren Simpson and Will Studd.

Gourmet Farmer
Australia’s most feared restaurant critic, Matthew Evans, has thrown in his city life for small farm living in Tasmania.
Having spent most of his life writing about what is good food, he now wants to go to the source; to find the best local produce, and to rear and grow it himself.
He doesn’t know how to chop wood, he knows nothing about growing plants and even less about rearing animals.
However, he does know how to eat – how hard can it be?

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