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Debbie and David love movies and have chosen to share their top ten favourites with you. But have they overlooked the obvious? Let us know what you think and you could win a copy of The Kennedys on DVD.

The Kennedys
The triumphs and the tragedies of America’s greatest dynasty.

“He only half dies who leaves an image of himself in his sons.” When philosopher Carlo Goldoni offered that view of fatherhood two hundred years ago, he could not have known he was capturing in thirteen words the entire life and legacy of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., patriarch of America’s most prominent political dynasty of the twentieth century, a man whose lust for power and influence led his sons on the journey of their lives – and brought them to their deaths.

The Kennedys, a four part miniseries, uses public events as a background to tell the intimate story of this iconic family. The series is about epic achievements and private failures, about loyalty and love, resentment and betrayal, about people imbued with great gifts and burdened by great flaws, about success of Biblical proportions and tragedy worthy of the Greeks.

RRP: $29.99

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