Would you have a go at these Asian game-show challenges?

You’ve gotta love (and laugh at) these crazy Asian game shows.

Would you have a go at these Asian game-show challenges?

No one does game shows better than the Japanese. They’re the all-time greats at creating extremely fun challenges, that call for skill, strength, speed and a wicked sense of humour.

Yep, they really know how to hurt a person – in the funniest way. And although these challenges may look quite violent at times, the contestants always seem to be laughing and having a great time.

This first video features a game called Slippery Stairs. It is as it sounds – six guys trying to climb a set of soapy stairs which almost borders on the painful to watch – but it’s funny.

The Honeycomb Maze is another fun one from a show called Takeshi’s Castle. Contestants need to make their way through a maze, while dodging dodgy demons, to find a safe exit that doesn’t toss them into the drink. This one looks like a bunch of laughs – I’d definitely have a go.

Human ten pin bowling is the one that would probably hurt the most, but also provides the most laughs. Is there something wrong with us if we find this so hilarious?

And finally, we have Knock Knock – a game where contestants must jump through obstacle courses and leap into one of four walls, of which one will hopefully give way – otherwise they simply bounce off. Again, this one gives me serious belly-laughs. How about you?

Would you have a go at any of the game shows? What do you think of them? Fun or plain silly?



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