Should men date and marry women closer to their own age?

With his eighth child on the way, is it time for Mick Jagger to act his age?

Should men date and marry women closer to their own age?

Mick Jagger will very soon be welcoming his eighth child but, at 73 years of age and a great-grandfather to boot, is it time he started dating women his own age?

Old snake hips Mick has never been my cup of tea but thankfully for him, numerous other women have fallen for his charms. And let’s be clear, we’re not talking about Mavis and Mabel from around the corner – these are some of the most beautiful women in the world. His latest conquest, 30-year-old Melanie Hamrick, was at the top of her game in the ballet world and about to star the American Ballet Theatre’s version of Swan Lake. But, as Hamrick has found out – they don't make maternity tutus.

Now, I don't doubt that the expectant mother is delighted at the prospect of bringing her own little prima ballerina into the world, but what about papa Mick? If past reports are to be believed, the idea of being a dad for the eighth time didn't seem to rank highly in Mick’s plans, with the rocker refusing to take the parenthood plunge with his previous girlfriend of 13 years, L’Wren Scott.

But maybe with Melanie, baby number eight will be all he needs to settle down before he turns 80.

Of course, Mick Jagger isn't the only celeb to have bagged himself a much younger, incredibly beautiful woman. Here are 10 relationships that may have raised a few eyebrows:

  • Fred Astaire married Robyn Smith in 1980 – she was 45 years his junior
  • Clint Eastwood married Dina Ruiz in 1993 – she was 35 years his junior
  • Nelson Mandela married Graça Machel on his 80th birthday – she was 27 years younger
  • Harrison Ford swept Calista Flockhart down the aisle in 2010 – their age difference is 22 years
  • Woody Allen caused controversy when he wed his step-daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, who is 37 years younger than him
  • Frank Sinatra married Mia Farrow (incidentally adopted mother to Soon-Yi Previn) with an age difference of 30 years
  • John Cleese’s third wife, Jennifer Wade, was 31 years younger than him when they married in 2012
  • Rod Stewart is famous for marrying women much younger than he – his current wife Penny Lancaster is 27 years his junior
  • Eric Clapton may have lost Carla Bruni to Mick Jagger, but he also managed to snare himself a younger woman, marrying Melia McEnery, 31-years-young, in 2001
  • And following in Mick’s footsteps is fellow Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, 69, who earlier this year welcomed twin daughters with his wife Sally, 38.

So, while mother nature may put an end to women of a certain age bearing children, men, it seems need fear not, with plenty of younger women willing to step into the breach, as they say. 



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    13th Sep 2016
    Money, media exposure and power seems to attract women like bees to honey. Mick Jagger would have to be one of the ugliest men on the planet but still reels them in. Good luck to him.
    There are advantages to marrying a younger woman (like in the bedroom) but the main disadvantage is that older people really should not be having children.
    Good luck to those who are fortunate enough to have a second chance at life. I'll pass.....I hope.
    13th Sep 2016
    Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
    13th Sep 2016
    Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
    13th Sep 2016
    Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
    13th Sep 2016
    Heard you, heard you, heard you.

    .........and their seeing-eye dog.

    13th Sep 2016
    Perhaps Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch should be mentioned at this time - ?
    13th Sep 2016
    the Packer dynasty would have to come here somewhere.looks don,t count if you have enough money.always has and will be.
    Happy cyclist
    13th Sep 2016
    Who are we to say whether or not anyone should marry older/younger people. Everyone is different and their circumstances are different too. At least Mick Jagger can afford to bred unlike many ordinary people who keep having children with no visible means to support them. If women the age of his grandchildren are prepared to mate with him -- good luck to him. No doubt fame and money are attractive to many women as eternal youth is to many men. I think its called 'the way things are'.
    13th Sep 2016
    Shame on Mick Jagger for having so many children on an overpopulated world. I don't care how old the woman is he marries, that's their business, but she should marry a younger man if she wants children (no more than two...) A man of Mick's age is more likely to father a child with a disability. It's not all about fertility.
    13th Sep 2016
    Jennie at least Mick Jagger can afford to have them, bring them up and educate them - disability or not. Even if he were to die in a couple of years the child will still have their mother and is quite likely to never have to worry about money or services (if the child has a disability as you imply).

    This is quite a different proposition to the recent story of the couple both in their late 60s/70s who had their first child. In that case it is highly likely that that child will have no parent before they turn 18.

    And who are you to put limits on how many children anyone can/should have? That didn't go so well in China now did it?
    13th Sep 2016
    Umm, are you sure that it's the "younger women willing to step into the breech", any more willingly than the grotty old gits tripping over their trousers in their haste to do the same ?

    Obviously these poor cash strapped, identity complex wannabes (young women) - falling over one another to tilt their bonnet at a cashed up shock jock - have no idea how well endowed their prospective paramours are blessed. Well bless their innocent little souls.

    Elysian Fields indeed.

    13th Sep 2016
    Ho hum..............
    13th Sep 2016
    Thanks Old Man methinks your response says it all - at least from our old fart perspective, well, as I shouldn't presume on your behalf, then at least mine, eh ?
    13th Sep 2016
    And Debbie's next post will be on all the women who have divorced their multi millionaire husbands after a few years and grabbed a big slice of their money and are now on the hunt for a younger man [ a rich one of course ]
    14th Sep 2016
    Just a word of warning :)

    MICK, an 82 year-old man, went to the doctor to get a physical.

    A few days later, the doctor saw MICK walking down the street with a gorgeous young woman on his arm.

    A couple of days later, the doctor spoke to MICK and said: "You're really doing great, aren't you?"

    MICK replied: "Just doing what you said, Doc. Get a hot mamma and be cheerful."

    The doctor said: "I didn't say that. I said, You've got a heart murmur - be careful."
    ex PS
    15th Sep 2016
    The fact that where there are such unions where there is a large gap in ages the senior partner is in the most part extremely wealthy says it all.
    Someone is taking care of their retirement by making the most of an opportunity. I have no great moral objection to this as the way I look at it the older partner is getting what they pay for and the younger one will probably be looked after the senior one has run their race.
    My reservations are economic ones, as it would be much cheaper to hire the service as required rather than buy a product outright.
    I just feel sorry for the older partner who has convinced themselves that they have found love, as generally they have just bought a cheap imitation.
    Kudos to the older person who marries and brings out a mail order bride from a third world country, as you are improving that persons lot in life and in most cases providing cost effective care for yourself.
    Golden Oldie
    23rd Aug 2017
    I gave up on the dating scene after I retired. Before that I was too busy working. A quick look in the friends column in newspapers, and online dating sites showed that men my age were looking for partners 20 to 30 years younger than themselves. I did not need their money, only their company, and had no wish to become an aged care nurse and housekeeper. Had already lost one partner due to cancer.
    Dollars over Respect?
    31st Aug 2017
    The lawyers win again, (drawing up the pre-nup contracts and subsequent divorce papers)...costly all around - especially so for the child. It's more than a little sad contemplating the child's early relationships (having a 'grandfather' instead of a 'father' not to mention the visible negatives associated with fame and fortune). Sniffy test: vanity and greed, not love. I could be wrong, hopefully.

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