Erase bad memories

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If you’ve ever had an unpleasant or painful experience in your life, there may be a way to literally put it in the past and forget about it.

Watch this thought-provoking video by AsapScience which explores science’s latest development, working on erasing bad memories.

Aimed at helping those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, this video raises a big question. What do you think? Would you erase specific bad memories if you could? Or do you believe that all events, bad and good, and the processes attached to them are part of life?

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Written by SJ


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    can someone please tell me how I am suppose to look at the video and read the over rapid dialogue captions at the same time. No talking makes it extremely hard to get this…. TOTALLY USELESS

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    I have many bad memories, but I continue to thrive…how?? Well not by forgetting but by coming to terms with the bad experiences, accepting that bad things have happened, forgiving those responsible including myself (that doesn’t mean that it didn’t matter, it just means one can let it go and leave it where it belongs in the past) and then moving on.
    For me I found the best way to get these memories out of me was to write it down, and then I burnt the papers, the smoke symbolising sending them up to God (I have a deep Faith, much more than being religious), then burying the ashes, symobilising that it was now over and no longer would impact my life.
    It took more than one time but now I feel much less burdened by all those bad memories and I can now enjoy life. Did I forget them, no, it’s important that one learns from the past, but one shouldn’t allow past events which nothing will change, to dictate what one does in the present and future. My past is the reason I’m who I am now, and I like myself now, so while I didn’t enjoy all of my past, I can accept it happened.



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