Do you remember the currencies these countries had before the euro?

The euro has been around for 21 years, but do you remember the currencies it replaced?

Old cash money from different countries around the world

The eurozone celebrated its 21st birthday in January 2020, but it still feels like only yesterday that millions of Europeans queued up at banks around the continent to enter a new economic era.

Twenty national currencies have now been killed off by the euro, stretching from the Atlantic shores of Portugal to the Russian borders of the Baltics. How much do you remember about the currencies the euro replaced?



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    Golden Oldie
    23rd Jul 2020
    6 out of 12. The only one that I actually knew was the Guilder, for Netherlands, and that was because I remember getting 5 guilders to buy presents for family for St Nicholas celebration about 68 years ago.
    26th Jul 2020
    12 out of 12 but then again - I lived 20 years in Europe and went to school there. Had most of the currencies in my hand one time or another. What about the Zloty in Poland and the Punt in Ireland?

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