Five funniest YouTube videos

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At the start of 2012, Youtube unveiled a new feature on their website called YouTube Slam where two videos are displayed at a time and you vote on which one is better. There are different categories from humor to music. YouTube slam is designed to help users explore content they would normally never see.

Webmaster Drew has chosen his top five funniest Youtube videos using the slam feature and two of his personal favourites.

Interpretative Dance

Click NEXT to see the other funniest YouTube videosWhat old people do for fun

Click NEXT to see the other funniest YouTube videosSuperman gets the call up while in class

Click NEXT to see the other funniest YouTube videosThe best of train horn pranks
Be warned that there may be some foul language during this clip so if you are easily offended, best to move onto the next video!

Click NEXT to see the other funniest YouTube videos Frozen at Grand Central station

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Total Comments: 7
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    Absolute stupidity! It is a pity they didn’t do it here, the fine would have soon removed their idiotic grin and made them review their actions.

  2. 0

    The train horn prank is just plain dangerous and juvenile stupidity. What about the people with weak hearts and sensitive hearing? It’s pretty typical of juvenile thoughtlessness.

    These videos are not really at that funny, or clever. There’s a lot more that are better. Search YouTube for “stupid criminal”. Here’s several that never cease to create great mirth.

  3. 0

    Sorry, Drew, the first was amusing, second through to fourth were just plain idiotic/dangerous and the last was at best interesting. You have a strange sense of humour!

  4. 0

    Banal. The horn video is downright dangerous. This appeals to my sense of humour

  5. 0

    How about a comment from Drew!

  6. 0

    Hi Michael,

    I thought the horn video was funny in regards to the golfers taking their swings, almost fell off my chair as I know how precious golfers are about being interrupted mid-swing!

    Are there funnier videos out there? Most likely, but these are the videos YouTube are saying have been voted the most popular!

    Michael, would you share with us a video you think is funny and I would be happy to pass it onto the editor who would most likely feature it next week!

  7. 0

    Drew, these were the videos not chosen by YouTube but chosen by Webmaster Drew so I’m afraid my comment on your strange sense of humour still stands.

    I don’t go looking on YouTube for video clips and only see the odd clip sent from friends. I will see what I can find.



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