Pictures of the Week: funny fuel stop signs

Petrol station owner keeps the whole town laughing with his hilarious signs.

A local fuel station in Wallingford, Seattle, keeps the whole town laughing with its daily revolving signs that spruik hilarious maxims and funny phrases.

From our favourites, ‘My wife said I never listen to her, or something like that’ to ‘Ants are healthy because they have little antibodies’, these signs are a welcome change from the daily barrage of billboards and sale signs.

So, sit back and have a chuckle! 

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    The Bronze Anzac
    20th Nov 2017
    The easiest way to find something lost is to buy a replacement.

    I always wanted to be a gynaecologist until I looked into it.

    Most modern television shows should be classified as "Not suitable for anyone".

    Light travels faster than sound. That's why most people seem bright until you hear them speak.

    Marriage is the major cause of divorce.

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