Gorillas reunited with their carers

Two gorillas are reunited with the conservationists who raised them.

Gorillas reunited with their carers

More than a decade after their return to the jungle, two western lowland gorillas named Djalta and Bimms are reunited with the father and daughter who raised them.

British conservationist, Damian Aspinall and his daughter Tansy Aspinall cared for Djalta and Bimms, who were born in captivity at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent. In 2003, the gorillas were released into the African forest of Gabon to live.

Upon meeting years later, the humans were instantly recognised by the gorillas and greeted with love and playful attention. This video is a testament to the unbreakable bond between animals and humans.


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    10th Aug 2015
    I am typing this through the tears of joy, The Aspinall's have done so much for wildlife, its incredible. Just how humans can slaughter these beautiful creatures I do not know. They do not belong to the same species as myself!
    Just keep them away from the "Dentist" and his ilk.
    10th Jan 2017
    I agree Fran. It made me cry too!
    10th Aug 2015
    Dizzy, I so agree with you. Absolutely beautiful to see this enduring and loving relationship.
    10th Aug 2015
    I was the same, Dizzy. The two brothers were so trusting and gentle and seemed so happy to be reunited with the Aspinalls. I have been to Howletts in UK and they do fantastic work with gorillas and other endangered animals. Beautiful filming.
    10th Aug 2015
    I envy you going to Aspinalls, have also a hankering to go to "Monkey World" in Dorset,
    they have been rescuing all types of monkeys, apes, gorillas etc., for many years, used to be a show on Animal Planet done at their facility. Such selfless people.
    My grandchildren give every year to a rescue group in Borneo, so hopefully the next generation will have more compassion for the beautiful creatures.

    10th Aug 2015
    Well bugger me, I too am teary and have a lump in my throat. The beautifulness and gentleness of the male gorilla with the daughter who was a mere child when they were in captivity, was something to behold.

    We humans have a lot to learn and even more to unlearn.
    11th Aug 2015
    Looking at this wonderful reunion through tears like everyone here. Well elephants are not the only ones with a good memory after all. I think all creatures retain memories.Hope these gorillas live a long & happy life.
    10th Jan 2017
    I am another one with tears in my eyes. To think these animals are the same type of animal that was shot dead when a little boy fell into his enclosure at a zoo still upsets me.

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