How to eat these foods properly

This handy video shows you six foods you’ve been eating wrongly – up until now, that is.

How to eat these foods properly

While most of us think we’re pretty knowledgeable about food, you may be surprised to learn there’s a better way to consume some foods. This handy video shows you six foods which you’ve most likely been eating wrongly – up until now, that is.

Never waste any of your precious food again with these ground-breaking tricks which are so logical, it makes us wonder why we didn’t think of them first. Turns out we can learn a lot from monkeys!


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    22nd Sep 2014
    glad I watched that it was very helpful :-)
    Polly Esther
    22nd Sep 2014
    Gee whiz, silly me, I've been peeling my bananas upside down, well I never, a video made by somebody who is obviously lacking a life.
    This is just a great bunch of crap !! Ooh excuse please, but hey it is.
    PS bet my banana tastes the same as this idiots.

    22nd Sep 2014
    What a lot of rubbish! It's a wonder I've lived so long, having eaten everything wrong for over 66 years!

    Eating a complete apple from the end only ensures you eat a lot of bird pecks that are liable to infect you with disease from the bacteria in the birds mouth. Then there's the garbage that gathers in the holes in each end - from fruit fly eggs and larvae through to apple rot, through to rat droppings.

    I love Fuji apples - but they're buggers for core rot caused by a fungus. You can bite into a beautiful-looking, perfect Fuji - and get a mouthful of the foulest, lousiest-tasting chunks of completely rotten, fungi-affected apple, you could ever get!
    The foul taste doesn't leave your mouth for hours!

    I peel all my apples and remove all the bird pecks, and then cut the apple to ensure the centre isn't fungi-affected and rotten. I don't eat the core because it contains too many possible nasty additions that can make you very crook!
    I've had a severe dose of gastro-enteritis from rat droppings, and I can assure you, it's not something you want to experience!! I spent 4 days in hospital and it wasn't a fun 4 days!

    As for the bananas, I've never had a problem peeling bananas from the large end - where you actually get a decent size chunk of peel to grab - unlike the small end!

    Oranges - I nick the peel near the top with a sharp knife, lift the top like a lid, pulling out the pithy core - then push the peel back downwards whilst turning the orange around. This is a natural action that is not resisted even by a thin-skinned orange. You then just open the orange and peel off the bare "leaves" and eat them individually.

    Hard-boiled eggs peel easily once you lift a large section of the shell. I reckon I could peel one as fast as that girl blows hers out. Then, of course, there's the guests or clients open-mouthed expessions of horror when they see you putting your mouth on every egg they are given to eat!

    It's bad enough watching chefs and restaurant workers putting their bare hands and fingers into your salad when they make it!!

    This video is only a "gimmick" video made for entertainment, with no useful, worthwhile information at all!
    22nd Sep 2014
    Hmm, that's the way I've always eaten apples, bananas and oranges.
    6th Dec 2014
    I wasn't a bit surprised to see the bananas being peeled that way I've been eating bananas for many years and always peeled them the same way as for apples I always peel them & never was keen on the core and never had Gastro, oranges just peel them a bit like Aaron. I am slightly older than you mate.

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