How to win competitions

Drew shares some sneaky tips to help you win competitions.

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YOURLifeChoices members love a competition, but how can you give yourself an edge over other entrants? Drew shares some sneaky tips for success.

Sixty-one-year-old Amy, of Clayton in Victoria, has been entering competitions for a number of years and finds it a great source of entertainment. Amy has won holidays, including a trip to Europe, cash, thousands of dollars worth of gift vouchers and many useful household appliances, simply by taking the time to thoroughly prepare her competition entries.

“You are going up against anywhere between 100 to 10,000 other people. You need to make your entry stand out from the rest by researching the type of company with which you are dealing. Visit its website to get a feel for the level of fun or seriousness, look at previous winners’ entries and note any other contributing factors which will help you to tailor your entry appropriately”, says Amy.

Chance versus skill – what’s the difference?

A game of chance is just that, a competition which involves an enormous element of luck. All entrants have an equal opportunity and entries are drawn in an unbiased fashion.

Extra thought must be given in a game of skill, as the entry needs to stand out and you will be required to have a full understanding of what the judges are seeking.

How to win

Equal odds of winning, between each and every entry, apply to games of chance. To increase your probability of winning, you need to increase your odds. Statistically, you can double your odds of winning by entering twice, but remember, if a competition allows you to enter more than once, you can be sure that other entrants are doing the same.

A number of factors will decide a winning entry in a game of skill. If you are entering the most common type of game of skill, a 25-words-or-less, always count your words carefully, use apostrophes to help keep within the word limit, make sure you are not overly creative, never rhyme and don't lie. Another important thing to remember in a game of skill is to ensure your entry is in early, as it may increase your chance of being noticed by the judges. And don’t forget to check your spelling- it actually matters!

To increase your odds of winning, carefully choose which competitions to enter. Here are a few signs you should look for to increase your chances of winning:

  • Effort  – the more effort needed to enter a competition means fewer entries are likely to be received.
  • Purchase – any competition requiring the purchase of an item receives surprisingly few entries.
  • Male products – men are statistically less likely to enter, so look for prizes aimed at the male market.

Where do I find competitions?

Keep an eye out for new competitions in magazines, on items you purchase in the supermarket and in stores you frequent. The best source of competitions is the internet, with many websites dedicated to activities, collating the latest and greatest into one location. You may have to pay a small fee to sign up to these websites, but one win could offset that cost in a big way.

With these tips at your fingertips, if anyone can win, you can. Good luck!

Here is a list of websites to get you started:


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    30th Jul 2011
    Great advice, thanks. I've started entering competitions but so far haven't won anything but there's always tomorrow!
    21st Aug 2011
    Always interesting. I've read contrary info ... i.e. make up jingles and rhymes. You never know what do believe do you! Also, surely it would be fairer if all the entries were read at the same time after the closing date? Competition rules should also state when and how entrants will be notified.
    26th Aug 2011
    It's fun and keeps the little grey cells alive but i don't seem to win stuff I want. Oh well, the kids will be happy.
    9th Dec 2011
    this is another great site for competitions but you really can't beat as they put new comps up every tuesday, i have won at least 23 comps in the last 8 months the biggest being a dyson vacumn cleaner
    2nd Feb 2012
    Thanks for the info, I learnt a few tricks..:)
    24th May 2012
    My grandad Vickers seemed to have a charmed life when it came to minor prizes like bingo etc. If he came home from his weekly bingo without winning something he was surprised and disappointed. Fond memories of a great man in my life.

    He alway's said you have to be in to win.
    12th Jul 2012
    Thanks for the advice! I went on the sites you mentioned and found this competition which you might like!
    4th Sep 2012
    try Great aussie site, free to join, all you need to an isp email address.
    7th Sep 2012
    7th Sep 2012
    an email address from your internet service provider - you can't register using a yahoo or gmail address for instance - no free webmail addresses
    30th Nov 2012
    I don't think you can say "never rhyme", as many winning entries published have been rhymes.
    Also, how can you say "don't be overly creative" when most terms and conditions state that the most creative entry will win?
    Personally I enjoy writing my answers to these questions but the only thin I am achieving is satving off dementia (I hope)
    Many, if not most, of these comps are feel are judged by people (read work experience students, I kid you not, staright from a company reps mouth) who wouldn't know "creative and literary merit" if they fell over it in the street!
    Sorry, but that is my humble opinion!
    24th Feb 2013
    If you want a great site for competitions and to make some great friends you can not go past Lots of competitions and they have some amazing wins. Also some great people to help you along the way.
    8th Oct 2013
    Have anyone tried ? It looks cool.
    23rd Feb 2014
    Check out my weekly blog on competitions at
    27th Mar 2015
    I've been using a new iphone app that helps me win prizes while I do my shopping! It tells me what products have competitions attached to them and all I have to do is scan the product barcode to enter once I have bought the product!

    So far I have won a coffee machine from purchasing 2 packets of Extra from IGA, a $10 gift voucher from Coles for buying chocolate, and I set of glasses for buying Finish dishwashing tablet! I have the pictures for proof if you don't believe me!

    It's called Nabbit and if you have an iphone you can search the app store for 'nabbit competitions'.

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