A fun look at our daily grind

It’s National Espresso Day. Of course you knew that! Friday Funnies takes a look at our love affair with coffee.


A man visits his doctor for a check-up. “Doc, I think something’s wrong with my brain,” he says. “Every time I take a sip of coffee I get this stabbing pain in my right eye.”
“I see,” says the doctor. “Have you tried taking the spoon out?”


If the local coffee shop has awarded you with ‘Employee of the Month and you don’t even work there, you may be drinking too much coffee.


If you sleep with your eyes open, watch videos in fast-forward and lick your coffee cup clean, you may be drinking too much coffee.


“Hey barista, how much for a cup of coffee?” says a customer. “Four dollars,” replies the barista, “and refills are free.”

“Great. Then I’ll have a refill,” replies the customer.


Did you hear about the woman who insisted it was a man’s job to make the coffee in the morning? She showed him the bible where it said Hebrews!


Written by Janelle Ward


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