Chromosomal Quips

A woman gives birth to a baby….. Afterwards, the doctor comes in, and he says, “I have to tell you something about your baby.”

The woman sits up in bed and says, “What’s wrong with my baby, Doctor? What’s wrong???”

The doctor says, “Well, now, nothing’s wrong, exactly, but your baby is a little bit different. Your baby is a hermaphrodite.”

The woman says, “A hermaphrodite… what’s that???”

The doctor says, “Well, it means your baby has the…er…features… of a male and a female.”

The woman turns pale. She says, “Oh my God! You mean it has a penis…AND a brain ???!!!”


A husband is sitting with his wife at his 65th high school reunion. The husband kept staring at a drunken lady swigging a case of Miller Lite. The wife was getting jealous that her husband was staring at the lady instead of her. So she demanded “Do you know her!?!”. “Yes” said the husband calmly. “She’s an ex-girlfriend of mine. We split up when we were in 11th grade. And I heard she hasn’t been sober since.” he said. “My god!” said the wife. “Who would think that someone could go that long celebrating?”


A blond, a brunette and red head are stranded on a desert island.

There happens to be a magic mirror on the island, and if you tell the truth to it you get to escape from the island and if you tell a lie you vanish!

So the brunette gets up there and says “I think im pretty”… she vanishes!

The red head goes up and says “I think im pretty”… she vanishes too!

The blonde goes up and says “I think”… she vanishes 🙂

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