Cringe-worthy dad jokes

If you throw a pencil up in the air is it still stationery?

Why did the coach give all his players a lighter? Because they lost all their matches.

Where do Dutch rodents live? Hamsterdam.

What did the cheese say when it saw itself in the mirror? Helou-mi.

I start my new job tomorrow as a trainee bell ringer. I’m hoping someone will be there in the morning to show me the ropes.

What did the limestone say to the basalt? Don’t take me for granite.

A pony walks into the bar and coughs noisily. The bartender says “that doesn’t sound healthy, do you have a cold?” The pony replies “I’m fine, I’m just a little horse”.

I entered ten puns into a contest to see which one would win… no pun in ten did.

Why should one always be nice to a psychic? Because everyone likes a happy medium.

What did the buffalo say to his son when he left to travel the world? Bison.

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