Friday Funnies: Very superstitious

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The scariest day of the year for some, the silliest for others.


4000 years of medicine.
2000 BC: “Here, eat this root.”
1000 AD: “That root is heathen! Here, say this prayer.”
1865 AD: “That prayer is superstition! Here, drink this potion.”
1935 AD: “That potion is snake oil! Here, swallow this pill.”
1975 AD: “That pill is ineffective! Here, take these antibiotics.”
2000 AD: “These antibiotics are poison! Here, eat this root.”


A woman is in bed with her lover when they hear her husband opening the apartment door.
“Quick! Escape out the window!” said the woman.
“No way!” said the lover, “It’s the 13th floor!”
“Do you really think we have time to worry about superstitions?!” she replied.


What do John Edward and Stevie Wonder have in common?
They’ve both made a lot of money from Superstition.

Did we forget any jokes related to Friday the 13th? Share your favourites in the comment section below.

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