Friday Funnies: Who’s is in the Pooh?

Today is the International Day of Winnie the Pooh and what better way to celebrate the endearing bear of very little brain and his motley crew of friends than with a few jokes inspired by A.A. Milne’s much-loved character?

  1. Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger become firemen but their fire engine only holds two people. Where do they sit? Winnie and Piglet in the front, Tigger on the back, and Eeyore on the top shouting “Eeyore, Eeyore, Eeyore!”
  2. What’s the first thing Pooh says when he gets home? “Hi Honey, I’m home.”
  3. Pooh is so fat that when he stepped on his set of scales it said “To be continued.”
  4. Why is Pooh’s wife jealous? He comes home with a new honey every day.
  5. What did Pooh say when he was offered dessert? “No thanks, I’m stuffed.”
  6. What does Pooh walk on? His bear feet.
  7. Why is Pooh so sweet? He eats lots of honey.
  8. Why is Tigger so bouncy? He eats spring onions.
  9. What does Pooh say when he sneezes? Ahh-ahh-POOH!
  10. What job does Pooh’s father do? He is a Poohliceman.
  11. What does Pooh say when he cries? Pooh-hoo.
  12. What ship are Tigger, Pooh, Piglet, Owl, Rabbit, Gopher and Christopher Robin sailing on? Friendship!
  13. Why does Tigger smell? You’d smell too if you played with Pooh all day!

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Do you know any other funny jokes about Winnie the Pooh and gang?

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Written by Olga Galacho


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