Friday Funnies: What the tailor knows that the doctor doesn’t

A tailor with an uncanny skill plus new entry rules for heaven.

Friday Funnies: Hilarious scams and comical cons

From the golf club to a camping trip to a creative run-in with a police officer.

Friday Funnies: Computers vs cars

Friday Funnies takes a big stick to the digital devices we can't live without.

Friday Funnies: What the kids say about love and marriage

Ask a kid a simple question and sometimes you get a simple - and very funny - response.

A Friday Funnies special for lexophiles

If man evolved from monkeys and apes, whey do we still have monkeys and apes?

Three side-splitting jokes about monkeys

Let's face it, monkeys often make us laugh, so here are two simian jokes that are sure to get

Friday Funnies: We’re going nuts

Heard the one about the preacher, the elderly woman and the nuts?

Friday Funnies: A latte laughs guaranteed on World Coffee Day

On World Coffee Day, we take an espresso approach with these one-liners.

Fun and frivolity as we farewell another footy season

There's double the trouble for Carlton and a conundrum when telling footy jokes.

Friday Funnies gets a short back and sides

A man walks into a barber shop ...

Friday Funnies invites you for a laugh in your PJs

What's better than having a laugh with Friday Funnies? Reading them in your pyjamas!

Famous figures ditch their day jobs

What happens when Einstein and the Pope decide to take a break from their day jobs?

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