These children are so amazing that they’ll make you forget the woes of the world

The future looks bright – if these kids are any indication.

good kids

A child risks his life to save a baby deer from drowning. Another uses his savings to buy food for the homeless. We may live in troubled times but, if these kids are any indication, the future looks bright.

1. These girls spend time reading books to shelter dogs, so they practice their reading skills and help to placate the dogs to make them more ‘adoptable’.

2. This heroic Bangladeshi boy risks his own life to save a baby deer from drowning in flood waters.

3. A sympathetic young girl takes pity on this stray dog and shelters it from heavy rain during a monsoon in Mumbai.

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    8th Aug 2016
    Gives one heart that not all the kids of today are troubled and wishing to cause grief to Society - we need more of these stories to show that many of our young are growing into
    responsible citizens and showing kindness and concern for others, even animals.
    IF ONLY we could get rid of this ICE scourge and binge drinking by so many, both kids and adults which seems to be the basis of the down fall of Society.
    God Bless those youngsters who are showing the right care and attitude to others.

    8th Aug 2016
    Take the deer home to eat I suppose.

    8th Aug 2016
    These are two seemingly great examples of charitable acts by the young, and thank you for them, Leon, but I am old and have seen much of the other side to believe they are everyday, widespread, and typical - and that is a very truthful shame.
    Funny face
    8th Aug 2016
    Oh what heart it gives one to see things like this! More please? What a cynic to say that about the deer, couldn't you just take a lovely story and leave it as it is? How sad your life must be. The world needs hope not people like you!
    8th Aug 2016
    Don't worry, FF, the person probably votes like it's name and this explains a lot.

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