Model material

Meet 82-year-old Baddie Winkle, the model proving age is nothing but a number.

Model material

You may have noticed models are coming in different shapes and sizes now. You may have also heard that some plus-size models are making waves within the fashion industry – certainly a step in the right direction – but have you heard of Baddie Winkle?

The 82-year-old is the talk of the modelling world after landing a campaign with Grit Creative Group. The images, which recreate the famous images of Kate Moss, Kurt Cobain and Michele Lamy, were released on Baddie’s Instagram account and Grit’s website.

Baddie snapped up US label Dimepiece LA’s campaign soon after. Sporting its swimsuits, she portrays timeless female empowerment, for which the brand has always represented.

Why not take a look at the images from Baddie’s Instagram account, which prove that age is nothing but a number, and tell us what you think? Is Baddie Winkle your new favourite model?  

What do you think of Baddie Winkle? 


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    24th Apr 2015
    Baddie does not epitomize the age group. I know lots of women who look nicer than her & they don't smoke.
    24th Apr 2015
    well said, I'm 71 today so my age might be why I don't consider this a good role model- I am very allergic to cigarette smoke - I just can't breathe when around it
    Please re-consider this dirty habit from being publicized.
    24th Apr 2015
    Oh no! Agree with Shirboy- I'm similar age, and would not want to parade myself like that, although I think I am more presentable. The smoke picture particularly revolting. :(
    24th Apr 2015
    As an after thought her name could be Baddie Wrinkle. That is what smoking does to the face.

    24th Apr 2015
    You really don't want to know.
    25th Apr 2015
    Some body bits are best left covered up after a certain age! Less is more!
    25th Apr 2015
    At least she looks like she's in charge, enjoying herself despite her looks. A great role model for those who feel afraid of the usual ageist criticism. No one can help getting old and wrinkly!

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