Nike ad: Sister Madonna, an 86-year-old superstar nun

This wonderful Nike ad points out that age is no limit to your capabilities.

Each morning Sister Madonna Buder, 86 years old, wakes up at the crack of dawn and goes for a run. Not impressed yet? Well, she also swims laps in the ocean, cycles through mountains and has competed in over 45 Iron Man competitions.

This clever new ad by sportswear brand Nike flies in the face of misconceptions surrounding older folks’ physical abilities. While Sister Madonna might be exceptional in her physical stamina, she proves that age is no limit to a person’s capabilities if you just keep at it.

As the ad wonderfully sums up: “Do your thing, sister. Do your thing.”

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    10th Oct 2016
    Only if she wears NIKE shoes.
    10th Oct 2016
    No really how inspiring, I love these stories, shows how resilient the human body can be and never too late to get started. I have been doing HIT, run 30 seconds then walk, then repeat 4 times, it is surprising how fit you get after awhile.
    10th Oct 2016
    Congratulations to her and the sisterhood will thank her for her generous donation from the Nike company. I wonder if she will donate it back to the underpaid Nike workers in Indonesia or will it be absorbed into the Catholic church.
    10th Oct 2016
    Be interesting to know how much or even if she got paid.
    10th Oct 2016
    Magic Johnson was reportedly paid $14m for his Nike ad. I know this because a cohort in the Catholic congregation at a conference were tut-tutting about him receiving so much when the the Nike workers received so little. Now a sister is in the same position I would be interested to know what the church has done with the money.
    10th Oct 2016
    There are always those who will rain on someone's parade!
    10th Oct 2016
    "Those who travel only in the sunshine seldom reach their destination" - in Nikes, or not.

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