Oscars fashion fun

When it comes to Oscar night, it’s important to walk the red carpet in style.

Oscars fashion fun

Fashion plays almost as important a part in the awards season as the gongs given out and when it comes to Oscar night, it’s important to walk the red carpet in style. However, even with the help of professional stylists, not all stars get it right. We take a look at who shot to the top of the style tree, who fell from the highest branch and who really shouldn’t have bothered.


Usually so flawless, Angelina Jolie just simply missed the mark in this shimmering gown. The neckline was wrong for her larger bust and the colour failed to lift the ensemble.

Kristen Bell made the ultimate red carpet faux pas; don’t wear a wedding dress to the party! Wrong dress for the occasion.

While this black dress didn’t look so bad from afar, close up the lace concoction looked as though Julia Roberts had run it up herself. But she wasn’t the only one who made a mistake in lace.

Don’t really know what to say about this creation worn by Sally Hawkins. Kind of a cross between lace curtains, table cloth and 1910s wedding dress.

Viola Davis may have stayed away from the wedding dress look, but she wholeheartedly embraced being the bridesmaid. Shiny green taffeta doesn’t look good on many people.


She may have tripped up again on the stars night of nights, but when it comes to what she wore, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t put a foot wrong. The bright coral colour was a perfect contrast to the red carpet and her simple styling made the most of this terrific gown.

Home-grown talent Naomi Watts seldom gets it wrong when it comes to dazzling the audience and while her performance as Diana, Princess of Wales, may not have put her in Oscar contention, her gown won her a place on most best-dressed lists.

Maybe a little risqué by showing too much décolletage, but Kate Hudson channelled old Hollywood glamour and got it right. Stunning dress in a fabulous colour.

She rarely lets us down and this year’s Oscars was no different. Hollywood royalty Meryl Streep shows how to dress if there’s a few wobbly bits you’d rather keep covered without looking frumpy.

Sandra Bullock’s strapless dress may have defied gravity, or maybe there was just some clever boning holding it up, but the divine deep blue colour and elegant draping gets the thumbs up from us.


Just as well the very talented Cate Blanchett took home the Best Female Actor award because what she wore was particularly unmemorable. Just the wrong colour for her skin tone, difficult to tell where she stopped and the dress started.

Lupita Nyong’o may have made it onto many of the best-dressed lists for her light blue Prada dress but frankly, it just left us cold.

We’re not even too sure who Julie Delpey is, but her dress was a little too sheer and not particularly flattering.

Jennifer Garner looks as though she’s sown some fringes onto a sundress in an attempt to channel The Great Gatsby, but we’re not quite sure it worked.

At least she made the effort is about all we can say for Liza Minelli. Wearing one colour when you’re diminutive is usually a good call, but not when it’s a bright blue billowing trouser suit with flat black shoes.

Do you watch the Oscars just for the fashion? Who do you think was best dressed on the night?


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    4th Mar 2014
    Cate Blanchett - meh is right. I was underwhelmed. Not on your list there, but I thought Amy Adams' midnight blue dress was as stunning as Sandra Bullock's.
    4th Mar 2014
    The comments are merely an indicator of the writer's taste. I didn't mind looking at the photos but I could certainly have done without the captions.
    6th Mar 2014
    I loved Cate's dress. I think it worked perfectly with her flawless skintone. JLaw looked a picture in red and although not favoured by a lot of critics, I though Penelope Cruz looked stunning in her pink gown with the black bow.

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