Weird inventions

We think we've found the weirdest inventions of the century. Find out what they are, or if

Maximum usage

Do you think your packing skills are second to none? Think again. These people are really getting

Amazing paths locations

Do you know where these photos were taken? Let us know and you could win a copy of Budget Travel

20 Most Powerful images 2011

The social content website BuzzFeed has published its list of the

Amazing paths

Discover some of the world's most incredible paths and walkways with these mind-boggling photographs.

Bizarre Beards

A collection of the world's most unusual facial hair

Name your beard

Are you growing a Balbo, a Chin Curtain or some Friendly Mutton Chops? Don't have a clue what

Then and now

Feeling a little nostalgic? Enjoy these cartoons about the differences between then and now.

When it's okay to swear

Sometimes it just needs to be said.

Droll doormats

This collection of the world's wittiest doormats will leave you chuckling. But don't take my

Painted Cats

How well do you think the cats you know would react if you tried to paint their fur? These crazy

Crazy Creatures

If you thought Ligers and Tigons were the extent of animal hybrids then you'd better check out

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