Fabulous floral doppelgangers

Flowers are a miracle of nature. Their colours and shapes are ‘designed’ to attract specific birds and insects that help it to reproduce and thrive, or to repel parasites and predators.

Nature is fantastic – as particularly evidenced by these fabulous flowers that look like something else entirely. From ballerinas to laughing bumblebees, swaddled babies to scary Darth Vader doppelgangers, these orchids are simply awesome.

Heavenly angels (Habenaria grandifloriformis)

Dancing ballerina (Caladenia melanema)

A bird about to feast on a butterfly (Phalaenopsis)

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Dancing paper cut out girls (Impatiens bequaertii)

Scary Darth Vader mask, or skull in conquistador helmet (Arisolochia salvadorensis)

Flying ducks (Caleana major)

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Holy Spirit or swaddled doves (Peristeria elata)

Mae West’s lips (Psychotria elata)

Laughing bumblebee (Ophrys bomyblifora)

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Musing monkeys (Dracula simian)

Swaddled happy babies (Anguloa uniflora)

Flying white egret (Habenaria radiata)

Have you seen any of these flower in person? Which one is your favourite? Do you know of any others that look like something else?

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