Five best ‘interfering’ cats

Anyone who lives with cats knows that their feline friends can be territorial and maybe just a tad self-interested. As far as cats are concerned, what’s yours is theirs. They don’t mind if your jumper is freshly washed and fur-free – they’ll happily nestle down into it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the middle of important business – if you aren’t paying enough attention to your cat, they’ll plonk themselves in front of you.

But let’s be honest, this is part of what makes cats so endearing – their talentfor deciding what they want and doing whatever it takes to get it. These five adorable cats take the cake for conquering the space and attention of their humans.

1. Definitely looking for a belly rub

2. Wherever you go, I’ll be there

3. What could be more interesting than me?

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4. A fascinated audience

5. Are we there yet?

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Written by ameliath