Rare historical photos part four

These rare historical photos offer an unusual insight into the weird and wonderful aspects of daily life which may have faded into the background with time.

Mark Twain smoking a cigar on the porch.


The loneliest job. John F Kennedy 1961.


Audrey Hepburn having tea.


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A policeman questions a young, crying boy who intended to fish in the fountain on Trafalgar Square, London, 1892.


Anti-aircraft fire during an air raid by the Nazis on Algiers, French Algeria. C. 1943

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Wendy backing up the stairs swinging the baseball bat in The Shining. Stanley Kubrick had this scene shot 127 times.

Kids line up for their weekly dose of fish oil, 1960.


A shop window in London after WWII, 1946.


The first photograph taken by Neil Armstrong on the surface of the moon, 1969.


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