The true test of travel

Sharpen your pencils because we’re all about to learn a lesson or two.

Many of us like to think our spelling and pronunciation is spot on. In fact, how many times have you ended up in debates over dinner with friends or family over ‘you say potato I say potato’ type scenarios?

Thankfully Thrillophilia is here to help settle some of those dinner time debates once and for all. It has created a list of the top 32 places people have mispronounced their entire life and the results are horrifying. Not because of the mistakes, but because most of us have made all of them at least once, if not every time!

Here are the top ten. Take a look and tell us about how many you have been right – what did you score? At least we’re all in it together!

Melbourne, Australia

Bangkok, Thailand

Beijing, China



Columbia, South America

How many have you got right so far? Click NEXT to see the next five.



Lafayette, Louisiana




Carnegie Hall, New York

Mackinac Bridge, Michigan


You can see the full list at Thrillophilia. Australia features again as well so best we all pop over and do some patriotic cramming.

Written by SJ