Powerful men make anti-abuse video

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Recent studies have shown that the rate of sexual violence against women in Australia is double the global average. This makes this recent anti-abuse video, made by Hollywood’s leading men, as well as politicians such as Barrack Obama, very relevant to the Australian audience.

Do you think hearing such powerful men speaking out against violence against women will make a difference? In Australia rates of standard violence are up, as well as rates of sexual violence. The Director of the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research, Heather Nancarrow, told Pedestrian TV, “As a country we ought to be concerned about the level or the tolerance of violence that exists in our communities that is contributing to all kinds of crimes but particularly crimes against women.”

Does this video make you feel like you could speak out if you had to? Will you be sharing it with the men, young and old, in your life? Or is this an issue that Hollywood just can’t fix?

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    I would NOT trust one word Hollywood had to say..NOT 1 WORD

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    I simply don’t need Holly wood or America to instruct me on my attitude to abuse. Broadly speaking any man who attacks a woman is a coward. If you can’t woo her to win her you don’t deserve her. When I was very young I interceded in a dispute between a man who was beating his wife whereupon she whacked me on the head with a bottle from her bag of groceries. It cured me of such gallantry for a while, but I feel I would do the same again, but with a little more caution

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    Come on men! Educate your sons and grandsons to respect women and their rights as human beings, not objects or animals to be treated as possessions.
    It doesn’t matter if it comes from Hollywood or anywhere else the recommendations are right, respect women!
    Accept a woman’s choice in whatever she wants to do with her body or her life and she will recognize a real man and appreciate his values.
    The statistical fact that Australian men are the worst sexual and violent offenders of women should open our eyes to the problem we have here.
    Women also can play a great part of the education their sons and grandsons teaching them respect and protection of women rather than violence.
    If this escalates, you’ll see women carrying shotguns in the streets! (kidding!)

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    Does anyone think all this is happening now because the Australian problem with alcohol and the obsession with male sports?

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      Distinct possibility, Alexia. Pity we don’t have full on National Service as it’s a great way to allow young men to work out excess energy in a combative way and perhaps learning to take it as well as dishing it out. I was an instructor for several years and watched a lot of young Australia off the streets of (mostly)Sydney, grow into fine young men. The Army can be quite a civilizing process, contrary to many uninformed opinions.

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    Any action, by any one who may have a wide audience, is probably more effective than a lot of ordinary people saying “Don’t”. I am just very grateful that these people are using their positions and fame for the benefit of others. Yes, alcohol has an effect, but it comes down to respect in the home, and teaching your children, both boys and girls what is due to them. Why are you people bitching about the fact that it comes from America, rather than helping spread the message?

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      Well Lindylou, It could be that America is responsible for Gantamino Bay Which has to be the most outstanding exhibition of American abuse. Even their President who swore he would get rid of it as soon as he was elected, found he did not have the power to shut it down. For sheer unlimited abuse of power America has no equal.
      People who had not been charged with any crime were tortured for years. Driven mad, subjected to the most obscene punishments. America also introduced rendering, the practice of sending prisoners to other countries to be tortured.
      Do you wonder why so many people don’t trust America? Or American propaganda pumped out by Hollywood or their Government? They have a lot to fix in their own country before preaching to the rest of the world.

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      Totally agree with Lindylou, why the negative attitude because of where the message was made and who is raising the issue.
      Big deal, it’s the content that is important.
      I also don’t think the video was preaching rather, it was high profile men talking about a sensitive topic. Going off on an anti American tangent does not contribute to the discussion about a most important issue.
      So much negativity is often expressed on these posts…not nice.

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    It happens because those men are scum

  7. 0


    ‘Women are bad; sinners
    They are rotten to the core;
    women are bad; sinners’
    I’ve heard this cry before.
    For when men sin and fail
    The excuse they like to give;
    Is, ‘That woman made me do it
    she is to blame as long as I live !’

    Now Adam said the same to God
    After eating forbidden fruit,
    ‘It was the woman that YOU gave me’
    But he had listened to her flute.
    For Eve was but beguiled
    By the Serpent’s cunning lie,
    But Adam disobeyed God’s voice –
    The Lord he did defy.

    Now, I’d like to ask all men
    To be men if thou wilt;
    Does God account man’s fall to Eve,
    Or do men die from Adam’s guilt ?

    So, if women are bad; sinners
    Who are rotten to the core;
    Then those who have made this allegation
    Are but sinning all the more !

    Genesis 3:6-12; Romans 5:12-21; Colossians 3:19; 1 Timothy 2:14

    ‘Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.’
    ‘Husbands, love your wives, just as the Messiah also loved the congregation and gave himself for her.’ Ephesians 5:25



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