Sixty-year-old Phillipe Dumas is one darn fine-looking man.

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For years, 60-year-old Phillipe Dumas dreamed of becoming a fashion model. Seven months ago, when the company he worked for went broke, Mr Dumas found himself heading towards early retirement.

Then something serendipitous happened. Mr Dumas, who was a location and unit manager in the French film industry, gained some fame after photographs of him were posted by random people on the social networking site, Reddit.

All of a sudden, Mr Dumas’ wish came true. The Reddit posts garnered him recognition and before he knew it, he was signed to six modelling and talent agencies and has since taken part in a number of photoshoots and advertising campaigns.

Mr Dumas thanks Reddit for this opportunity, but he also reckons that his beard, which he’d decided to grow longer once he’d retired, had a bit to do with it.

“My career as a senior model is young but it starts well. I have great expectations,” Dumas said in an interview. “Fortunately new faces on the modelling market are very welcome and my beard was a plus since it is very trendy in Europe at the moment.”

Phillipe Dumas’ tale has a fairy-tale ending, and proves that it’s never too late to realise your dreams. We take our hats off to Mr Dumas and wish him well on his newfound career.

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Written by Leon Della Bosca


Total Comments: 16
  1. 0

    Good luck with his new career but he needs a shave to look appealing to women. It doesn’t look sexy watching bearded men eat.

  2. 0

    I’m due to have my eyes tested – seriously. Can’t see anything in this man but good luck to him.

  3. 0

    No wouldn’t look twice with that beard

  4. 0

    I agree with all comments about the beard, in fact, I’ll be glad when this beard trend dies. There is nothing worse than being at a cafe and watching a barista making your coffee order and see bits of dandruff dropping in it – UGH! As for Philippe, sure, he’s a good-looking man, but a shorter beard or none at all would be better. And, please tell him to hide that fancy comb of his, just imagine all the grot in it!!!

    • 0

      That comb looks very much like the ones used for extracting nits when I was a school kid more than 60 years ago. Not a good look. I agree with most comments here, beards do nothing for me. I like watching “Gardening Australia” on the ABC but not the sight of Georgiadis and his substantial growth. He has so much beard I’m sure he could grow his own garden in it!!

  5. 0

    Cool…. very cool!!!

  6. 0

    Oooh la la

  7. 0

    It would be great to see his lips?!
    Overall an average guy who has looked after himself, but yes, ditch the beard.
    I wonder if a 60+ woman has ever had luck entering the modelling industry?

  8. 0

    Beards don’t bother me. Have a few friends with them – never, ever seen anything hanging or nesting in them, but whilst I think this chap is nice looking, he doesn’t have that little something that grabs you. I would prefer Tom Selleck any day :0

  9. 0

    I think the beard and mo are overgrown and disgusting

  10. 0

    Yep..lookin good to me…but I dont like beards either..

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