Six sexiest songs of all time

We've had a go at naming the sexiest songs of all time. Which ones get you in the mood?

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Have you ever walked on the wild side? Or have you ever had a fever that you just can't bear? We've had a go at naming the sexiest songs of all time. Which ones get you in the mood?

I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl – Nina Simone

It doesn't get much hotter than Nina Simone’s cover of Bessie Smith’s 1931 blues song Need A Little Sugar in My Bowl. Nina's version is way less goofy and a whole lot sexier.

Walk on the Wild Side – Lou Reed

Warning: This song has language which may offend some listeners. If you have sensitive ears why don’t skip this one and view the other four sexiest songs of all time?

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    28th Dec 2016
    Rod Stewart's "Tonight's The Night" I think around about 1975/1976 time-wise, which was a great hit in quite a few countries. It reached No.1 on the American 100 Billboard in 1977 and if you listen carefully, there is a lot of double meaning in it which caused a stir with the prudes, but at the end of the film clip, he does the right thing. He has always been a favourite artist of mine from when he became a solo singer. Just last week I watched a Christmas special of his from 2012 on SBS where the guest artist was Michael Buble. I love Michael Buble too, but he has too devilish and cheeky a face when he performs to be really sexy.
    28th Dec 2016
    "One alone" from the Desert Song, and "Come to me, bend to me" from the musical "Brigadoon" (although it was dropped from the movie). I'd go anywhere with anyone who sand those songs
    28th Dec 2016
    Crowded House ...."fall at your feet "
    John Farnham ...burn for you
    Kings of leon on fire
    28th Dec 2016
    All the Things You Are (Jerome Kern ) sung by Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra.
    Blue Moon and- A NIghtingale Sang in Berkley Square. I'm in the mood for love
    So many of the songs of the 40's - 60's
    28th Dec 2016
    Are you kidding me? Walk on the wild side by Lou Reed is never going to get me in the mood. Music that makes you feel happy is what gets the endorphins going, so it is a very personal choice.
    28th Dec 2016
    The Nina Simone song is not that sexy and neither is Sway. But I love doing the cha cha to Sway.
    28th Dec 2016
    Does anyone remember the Trogs "I can't control myself" which was banned very quickly in Australia?
    Also, the Righteous Brothers with "Young Girl"

    28th Dec 2016
    These? In the mood for what?
    Ageing but not getting old
    28th Dec 2016
    What; nothing from Barry White?
    28th Dec 2016
    Young Girl was by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
    29th Jul 2017
    Nice one, along with James Brown, like a sex machine
    30th Dec 2016
    How were these songs selected? An average of a group of people, or a personal choice?
    Are we looking at the lyrics or the music being sexy?
    I think music is a very personal choice and what one may find sexy, others will not bat an eyelid. In any case, for me, two musical pieces are top contenders: Albatross by Fleetwood Mac and the theme from Blade Runner with its brilliant saxophone.

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