The fine line between taking things literally and taking them too far

There is a fine line between taking things literally and taking them too far …

Funny photo of man putting dog in rubbish bin

Sometimes you’ll come across a strange sign or instruction, be it due to poor grammar, multiple meanings or innuendo, and you just can’t help yourself but have some fun with it, such as these crazy citizens who have blurred the line between taking things literally and taking them too far. Either way, they’re still pretty funny.

When a child is told: don’t you set a foot outside that door!

And he is …

This is one smoker who can’t be called stupid. Well, not completely …

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    18th Apr 2016
    Another one which you see a lot on pressurised cans is "Shake before use" - and they don't mean your arse!
    18th Apr 2016
    And "tear along the dotted line" doesn't mean you have to run fast down the middle of the road.
    18th Apr 2016
    19th Apr 2016
    People often say "Sign here" but I can never see a sign. Am I going blind?

    23rd Apr 2016
    On the narrow road up Mt Baw Baw in Victoria there are signs designed to assist travel flow on a road where some cautious drivers travel very slowly. They are at points where there is a little extra width, and say "Slow Drivers Pull Over".

    It's clear though, that the word "Over" has been glued on top of another word. I saw these signs before they were corrected. I can reveal that the now hidden word is "Off".
    5th Jun 2017
    My favourite is the birthday cake for Matt. I know a Matt who is a serial cheat - very appropriate for him. I've sent this article to his ex-wife (and abandoned children), in the hope they can now laugh.

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