The Cat’s New Year’s resolutions

Find out which bad habits The Cat will be breaking this year with her list of funny New Year’s resolutions.

The Cat’s New Year’s resolutions

Find out which bad habits The Cat will be breaking this year with her list of funny New Year’s resolutions.

1. I will no longer sleep on my owner's head throughout the night, in hopes that she will get up to feed me at awful hours, such as 3 a.m. I will patiently wait at the bottom of the bed, on the blanket she has so thoughtfully placed there, until she wakes up at a decent time.

2. I will refrain from pestering my owner when she is writing on the computer, reading the newspaper, or playing the keyboard. I apologize for my bad habit of sitting in front of the monitor, laying in the middle of whatever she is reading, and hopping on the keyboard keys as she is playing the keyboard. I will sit patiently by her feet and wait for her attention.

3. I will wait for my bathroom and outdoor breaks when it is convenient for my owner. There will be no more wanting out during a romantic moment or when she is in the shower. I will wait for her to let me out.

4. I will try to refrain from visiting my owner while she is in the bathtub. I am aware that I have a bad habit of sitting on the ledge of the tub, and looking gorgeous. I was not aware that this distracts my owner from her relaxing bubble bath, because she is afraid I will either knock the candle over or end up in the bathtub with her.

5. I will no longer hitch a ride to the grocery store with my owner. Although I love to ride in cars, I know it is distracting to have to turn the car around to take me back home.

6. Dry cat food is both tasty and nutritious, and it is always available. I will not starve myself and act pitiful all day long in anticipation of the canned food.

7. And finally, I will not play Herd of Thundering Wildebeests Stampeding Across the Plains of the Serengeti over my owner’s bed while she is attempting to sleep. 


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    1st Jan 2013
    Lol for a start cats own people, we do not own them.....they are cats, not dogs.... As for the rest, nah it won't happen lol :-D As someone who is owned by a cat, I would not have it any other way. :-)
    1st Jan 2013
    Made me laugh, I wake up most mornings with my cat sitting on my chest and head. It's purring away and happy. It's very true Penqueen, they own us.
    1st Jan 2013
    Lol thanks Whiteangel 2002. :-) I think only cat lovers understand the special interaction we have with our feline friends. I will sure miss my boy when he passes...... I loved the New Year resolutions from the cat too. :-D
    10th Sep 2013
    Please where did you get this wonderful picture?? I've seen it before somewhere, showing the whole fishbowl, and would love to download a copy.

    Also, love the resolutions, but doubt whether my cat will go along with them.

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