The human puppet

Rachel thinks this is the funniest video on the internet at the moment

Comedian Nina Conti turns one of her audience members into a human puppet in what Rachel thinks is the funniest video on the internet at the moment.


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    15th Jun 2012
    Yes.. I had seen this and it really is very funny!
    15th Jun 2012
    If that's the funniest video on the internet at the moment, I must have lost my sense of humour. I thought it quite mild compared to Mrs Brown's bikini wax, which made me laugh until I cried!!
    Pass the Ductape
    16th Jun 2012
    Well I thought this video was bloody hilarious and I'd love to see more of her. I've also seen Mrs Browns bikini wax episode which was also somewhat humorous - depends on your mind set on the day I suppose. The foul language in Mrs Browns boys doesn't do a great deal for me however, but the out-takes concerning the homosexual son and his boyfriend were an abslute scream.
    18th Jun 2012
    Loved the Nina Conti sketch-- wonderful !! Can we see more of her shows, please, or more shows in the same vein ?

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