The real George Orwell

Eric Blair, otherwise known as George Orwell, was born on this day in 1903.

The real George Orwell

Eric Blair was born on this day in 1903. You may know him better as George Orwell, the fabulous British author responsible for such classics as Animal Farm and 1984. Why not watch this video about the real George Orwell?


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    25th Jun 2015
    I enjoyed this. I wonder if you could compare Orwell and Patrick White (though the latter's novels were not overtly political). Certainly, both were forbidding characters; they equally despised cant and hypocrisy; and they wanted to have nothing to do with 'big noting' themselves.

    26th Jun 2015
    Well the start of that video was so ULTRA biased and WESTERN. Depicting every maniac EXCEPT the USA who has:
    - used Atomic Weapons (AFTER Japan had surrendered);
    - used CHEMICAL weapons in Vietnam which is STILL causing heinous defects in newborns;
    - funded and supported despotic murderous dictators in South America, in order for the USA to gain control and use of products and riches from those countries;
    - invaded other sovereignties for no reason other than commercial gain... in Iraq alone, murdering over 600,000 innocent civilians and polluting their lands with 'depleted uranium' that they used in their weapons;
    - not to mention the funding, training, militarising and arming of such Saudi Arabian bred groups, such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, to reign terror on the middle east, in order that Saudi Arabia can extend their evil and murderous empire - ISIS and others are still being used to attack SYRIA with very little REAL work done to get rid of ISIS.... for some reason the USA can't seem to find them?????

    Then we have the likes of the AUSTRALIA who are systematically destroying civil rights and subjecting its people to laws that can be used against any citizen, at any time with little access to the law.... i.e... politicians with huge biases and little legal knowledge making decisions on legal issues and overriding the judiciary. Sycophantically modelling Australia on the USA system of CORPORATE CONTROL of all aspects of society, for the sole purpose of giving unbelievable power and ostentatious amounts of wealth to a select few, whilst destroying the fabric and wealth of a whole nation.

    The ABC are not even allowed to have in its audience a person who has a different point of view AND is NOT a convicted terrorist..... the current govt tried to prosecute but after the whole of ASIO investigated this person, they had insufficient evidence which in TRUTH meant absolutely nothing could be substantiated because ASIO is a lot more thorough than normal police investigators - a farce to get Corporate Media coverage (Murdoch mainly) to force Labor and others to support even more DRACONIC laws which strip us of our rights. They did however get this audience person for threatening Federal Police.... hell, I would be convicted to, if some of these idiots raided my home and forcefully debased and degraded me in the same way as this poor person was.

    The Western World (USA, UK, & Australia particularly) are all headed for a 1984 existence.

    The TPP in particular but also other so called trade deals whereby Australia has to subject its laws and sovereignty to CORPORATE profits, is signing this country's death certificate and handing our country over to wealthy elite (corporate leashholders) who will be in charge of everything that happens to us prolls (these UNelected 'suits' or 'parasites' that dwell in the shadows). Remembering, of course, that the mantra of ALL corporations is to make profits, at any cost!

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