Drew shares his five favourite songs of the 60s

Drew shares his five favourite songs from the 1960s.

mick jagger of the rolling stones

Drew shares his five favourite songs from the 1960s. Did he miss out on your favourite? Watch the videos now and share your favourite!

Heard it Through the Grapevine  Marvin Gaye

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    3rd Jul 2017
    So many great songs in the 60's Drew another one being Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum -
    3rd Jul 2017
    Whiter Shade of Pale absolutely one of the best and a sound we hadn't heard before.
    Not a Bludger
    3rd Jul 2017
    Absolutely correct.
    3rd Jul 2017
    Not all 60's .Just a fun remix that is mainly 60's.
    3rd Jul 2017
    Agree this is a good re-mix.
    3rd Jul 2017
    Hey what fantastic choices ....(will leave Blue Velvet out of the "mix" for me though) - lol

    Loved Whiter Shade of Pale ......

    Another really cool one I liked from the 60's was: "Wild Thing" - The Troggs....set in the London Underground (quite an edgy and upmarket "clip" in "those" days!) Just watched it on YouTube .... thanks for the memories .. :-)
    3rd Jul 2017
    I reckon the Troggs are one of the groups that could fill the whole top 5 60's songs by themselves with Wild Thing, With a Girl Like You, Give It To Me, I Can't Control Myself, and Hi Hi Hazel.

    Also Cream and The Yardbirds (later Led Zeppelin) along with many other British Progressive Rock groups could also do it a couple of times over.

    I think Leon's list, being mostly Yank stuff, is a bit tame for my taste.
    3rd Jul 2017
    Where is Itchycoo Park ?
    7th Jul 2017
    Itchycoo Park is in Church Road, London.

    It's the local nickname of Little Ilford Park.
    It's called that because "itchycoo" is the slang for the Stinging Nettles which infest the park.
    3rd Jul 2017
    Love your choices, Drew, and also like the memories from the other people. I LOVE Marvin Gaye's I Heard it through the Grapevine, and would definitely make it top of my list, too. This is a bit cheeky: Some years ago, the comedian John Safran said, what if you were in a coma and your family chose the wrong music to play to you? He said you should download a form which listed your favourite and keep it in your wallet. I Heard it Through the Grapevine would defupinitely be my choice.
    3rd Jul 2017
    Did Marvin Gaye do a version of that? I always thought it was Creedence Clearwater Revival? who did Grapevine?? :-)
    3rd Jul 2017
    Just so many to choose from ....Don't think anyone does 'Will you still love me Tomorrow' any better than The Shirelles ....

    Just so many....
    4th Jul 2017
    I don't understand how you could have left a Roy Orbison song from your list. He was (this is my opinion now) vastly superior to some of your choices. I first saw Roy headlining a concert in Perth in 1965, he was magnificent. Can't say the same for his support act though, a noisy mob called The Rolling Stones.
    4th Jul 2017
    ..so were you "Cryiiinggggg " over .. the fact the Stones were there?
    Sorry Eddy - just teasing - I am one of the biggest Rolling Stones fans on this planet! Seen them in every single concert here in Melbourne ......I really liked Roy though .......he had some amazing hits!

    No bands anymore like "ye good ole' days"! :-)

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