US show uses Howard to humiliate gun lobby

Comedian John Oliver interviews ex-Australian Prime Minister John Howard

US show uses Howard to humiliate gun lobby

Comedian John Oliver humiliates gun lobbyists in America when he interviews former Australian Prime Minister John Howard on The Daily Show. John Oliver's conclusion? If you want gun control laws, move to Australia.

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Part two

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    6th May 2013
    This would be funny if it wasn't such a serious issue with such horrendous consequences for Americans if they don't enact gun control laws.
    Actual Cat
    6th May 2013
    I watched three US 'expert and erudite' commentators debating the second amendment - would you believe that they could not see that it is OUT OF DATE.
    It was written 200 years ago when Americans used single shot muscats in the wild west.
    In those days, bleeding and cupping were medicinal treatments and women were burnt at the stake as witches!
    Move on USA - ordinary people don't need guns - your nation had regular mass shootings, and more recently a five year old who shot his young sister dead playing with a gun that was given to him for his last birthday.
    What is the excuse NOT to change the second amendment?
    6th May 2013
    i just wish that australia stops importing all this american violence in films/books & dvds
    it seems they will n e v e r learn
    8th May 2013
    I agree 100% tlofa. We didn't have these problems until the impotation of these violent video games, which are getting into the hands of younger children bny the month. Hollywoods films are of no value either. The holywood producers of these inane fils are saying they don't want gun control, they say they cant use fake guns because it would show (for how long you see the weapon on the screen, and of course we would all be able to tell the difference, wouldn't we ?!) and that they have to use real ammunition in some of the scenes. Well, Mr Producer, you're the very ones who have brought these problems on yourselves, by the necessity for violence. They say it is done to reflect "our culture". and I ask, -who promulgated that culture ??
    6th May 2013
    Supporters for no gun control and maintaining the status quo comprise a few right wing nutters AND an immensely powerful politically active arms industry. Politicians will be brought off or their careers destroyed if they dared to support any gun control legislation.

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