Video: How societies can grow old better

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It’s no picnic to be an older person in a youth-oriented society. Older people can become isolated, low on funds and lacking meaningful work. In his TED talk, Jared Diamond looks at how different societies treat their elders — some better, some worse — and suggests how we could take advantage of this knowledge.

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Five great myths of ageing

Have older adults given up on hopes, dreams and sex? Not so, says recent research.

Does your body image improve when you get older?

Does the voice in your head grow kinder as you get older?

Why don't we like or appreciate older people?

If living longer is the goal, why do we not appreciate more those who achieve it?


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    How does societies treat their Elders.I know how this Fed. Government treat their Elders and I can still vote.

  2. 0

    Just Heard that the Present Federal Government has dropped to the LOWEST ever level with Older Australians 🙂 🙂 I’m wondering WHY ?? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. 0

    How dumb can you be to pull a asset test like they did and not expect a back lash Particolar , and then back date it . It may cost them government and they deserve it. It has working people thinking twice about super which is not good.

  4. 0

    Our current Government could learn some lessons from this short but apt video. Picked up my husbands prescriptions today. When paying I was dismayed to find that the medication he has been on for some 10years following a triple by-pass have doubled in price due to this belligerent Government taking it off of the PBS lists. Pathetic way to treat our elderly.
    Neither of us will be voting for the Liberal Party in the next election, which cant come soon enough.

    • 0

      Well I got a Life Long Head start on that one I’ve NEVER Voted for them 🙂 🙂 Lying Deviot’s !! 🙂
      And looking Back I see why !!
      I dropped Labour too about 25 years back !!
      I could see Australia Sliding Down Hill FAST 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. 0

    i NOTICE people with grey hair R pigeon holed. Since I lost my husband people seem to think it’s Ok 2 ask me how old I am I know I’ll B immediately pigeon holed . What’s the big deal . Some days I’m in my 40s Some days I feel 80. or more . The Gov. desn’t want the elderly. we aren’t paying taxes & the pension we receive we have paid in taxes over the years. How about they go on same pension as us on retiring . Only the fittest survive old age

  6. 0

    The major problem is that hammering the pensioners and retirees again and again is like shooting ducks on the water to the government, no skill or conscience is required and it simply takes a few strokes of of the computer to put it in motion, they don’t even have to get up off their fat arses to do it, this is just another knee jerk approach to raise $3b over the next three years, which is just a piss in the bucket as far as the country’s debt is concerned, and in the forecast 8 to 10 years when those affected by the changes have used all their Super and are eligible for full pension where will that money come from? I believe this January 1st change is just the start of a carefully orchestrated plan that will see the Family Home included as an asset as the next move, that will kick another huge portion of us old dottery, unproductive mongrels off the pension for a few years, not sure of stage3, free euthanasia clinics maybe?



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