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Everyone has bad email habits. This video of email behavior acted out in real life may just make you think before you hit send.

Can you guess the 12 bad habits portrayed in the video? Some are obvious, but if you can’t quite recognise any, the answers are below.

  1. Not switching off your out-of-office auto response when you’re back in the office
  2. Hitting ‘reply all’ when you actually only need to send to one person
  3. Having information or emojis in your signature block which aren’t necessary
  4. Not attaching an attachment
  5. Using all caps
  6. The bombardment of cat videos you’ve probably already seen
  7. The Nigerian prince who just needs a little money
  8. Porn – need we say more?
  9. Trying to send the equivalent of War and Peace as an attachment and not realising why it’s not been received
  10. A confidentiality statement that’s so legal-heavy you’re too scared to read the email
  11. Not clearing a full inbox
  12. Cc’ing ‘all’ without thinking of the consequences.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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