Extreme armchair-ing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try extreme sports, but weren’t quite game? These three videos are the next best thing to bungee jumping, flying with a wing suit, or getting stuck on a zip line (but only if you’re the mayor of London trying to promote the Olympic Games).

A wingsuit is just what it sounds like—it increases the human body’s surface area, allowing people to glide through the air at high speeds. Jeb Corliss has recorded one of his more daring flights.

Click NEXT to try armchair bungee jumping or to see the Mayor of London stuck on a zip line

Ever wanted to try bungee jumping, but couldn’t quite afford the physio bills afterwards? This young man takes a camera with him on a jump to give you the next best thing.

Click NEXT to see just how far the Mayor of London will go in his quest to promote the Olympics

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, took the inaugural flight on a new zip line near the Thames to promote the Olympic Games. Unfortunately for Boris, it didn’t quite turn out like he’d planned.