Favourite board games

I have always been quite partial to a board game, especially one which evokes my love of sport. Looking back, there was one board game which engrossed my time more than any other. Can you guess the game before clicking through? Which is your favourite?

I can remember travelling an hour and a half every second weekend to my family’s farm house near Korumburra in Victoria. Apart from roaming the farm, playing pool, bothering the livestock and pushing my brother into the dam (only happened twice), my favourite part of any weekend away was when a pack of cards were being shuffled or a board game lid was being opened.

There was always one game which got played more than any of the others: Test Match Cricket. I can remember sitting by the fire in the lounge room with my brother strapping together the field with some ‘friendly’ banter about who would win the forthcoming match. The battles were always fierce but no one ever lost an eye!

The discussion of favourite board games came up in the office and it just so happens that David’s favourite board game is also Test Match Cricket! Is it just a ‘guy thing’ or did you enjoy it also?

What is your favourite board game to play? Can you recommend any new board games?

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